Hello and welcome to CNNSSR in our little corner of the Multi-verse here at tumblr.com. 

Amidst our first few posts we here at CNNSSR wanted to introduce ourselves and let you, our wonderful and beautiful viewers, know what we’re about as well as up to (it involved lots of plotting and scheming).

In short, CNNSSR embodies the collective passions, and therefore, passionate opinions of our members:  Our tumblr, and soon to exist blog, is curated by these individuals whose lives revolve around the subjects they share here with you.  In other words, CNNSSR’s desire to share with the world our interests through various medias, words, and sounds is exactly its raison d’etre.

And beyond simply linking to cool pics or animated gifs, we especially wanted to draw your attention now to introducing CNNSSR the record label and proudly announce our first upcoming release by label artist’s Les Professionnels

Les Professionnels - Move! (EP)
Click Me

The Move! EP is set for release November 9th and features remixes by Psychemagik, Pete Herbert, Lushlife, & Eliot Lipp

Thank you very much, we look forward to interacting with all of you in our futures.